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Protandim is a health product created and sold by Lifevantage. Lifevantage is located in Utah and produces several different kinds of supplements. They make energy boosters and skincare products, as well as products that they claim can help reduce stress levels in your pet dog.

It was originally designed to eliminate oxidative stress. However, Protandim also possesses two ingredients, Green Tea and Turmeric, which are frequently believed to boost your metabolism.

You may have read a few previous Protandim reviews before now. I actually use the product myself, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate hearing from someone already taking the product and can tell you about their own experience.

Not strictly a weight loss supplement, but Protandim does include a few ingredients that are typically used to help you lose weight. Therefore, it also technically qualifies as a weight loss supplement.

Protandim claims to be designed to reduce, relieve and eliminate stress. Which is caused when your antioxidant defense system becomes unbalanced in your body.

Let’s see how Protandim functions.

Protandim helps reduce your body’s levels of oxidative stress. It does so by activating a protein that tells your cells to do things they need to survive when threatened by stress caused by free radicals. The name of this protein is Nrf2.

Protandim also contains ingredients that can allegedly boost your metabolism. This would improve the way your body turns food into energy, reducing the amount of calories that get stored as fat in your body and increasing the amount that your body burns and turns into energy you can use.

I can confirm Protandim’s positive effects on myself, as I’ve been using the products for the last 6 months. I have experienced a definite boost and increase to my energy levels. My stress levels have reduce significantly, and I work a very stressful job within the Education.

Using Protandim these last six months have really help me cope with stressful situations. Most importantly, NOT being negatively affected, and feeling harrassed and deflated by those stressful situations.

I can’t gaurantee you will get the same positive effects I’m experiencing. However, the fact that’s it’s positive and not negative. Could make trying Protandim NRF1 worth a try!

What’s inside it?

Green Tea: This ingredient can be found in almost every weight loss formula on the market, due to the almost universally accepted belief that it can boost your metabolism to improve the way your body burns fat and makes energy. Turmeric: another ingredient capable of boosting your body’s metabolism.

Protandim doesn’t seem like a very bad choice if you’re looking for a supplement to reduce some of your physiological stress and maybe make your body a more harmonious place. Doing so may even make it easier for you to lose weight, as your body is more likely to work with you towards the goal of being healthy.

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You should consult your GP or Doctor before starting any new health routine or any questions about any health issues you have.